The Dewey Museum

In 1973 the Society assumed the care of artefacts from Warminster Town Council, including the Victor Manley collection of Geology, the Harold Dewey Collection, and other items given for the benefit of the people of Warminster. The Society set up a Museum in the Sexton’s Cottage at the rear of the Chapel of St Lawrence. In 1982 the Society moved to the present Library building following its erection, where it has a display area, storeroom and
offices. Only a proportion of its items are able to be on display at any one time. The displays are changed on a regular basis, and special events in local and national history are marked. Displays and conservation work are paid for by the Society. A special display is being planned for 2014 to remember the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First
World War. Items on display in the Museum can be viewed during the opening times of the Library, which are shown on the back of this leaflet, as well as contact details for the Society. For details of other items held , please contact us.

History Society Meetings

A programme of meetings is arranged for the first Monday of each month. When this falls on a Bank Holiday, the meeting is held one week later. Our meetings start at 7.30pm and last for about an hour.  There are no meetings in January or August.   Visitors are welcome at all meetings. Entrance is by the rear door of the Library and the door is open from 7.00pm.The cost to visitors is £3 for each meeting

History Society Membership

The Society was formed in 1970. Meetings moved to the new Library building when it was erected in 1982.
The Objects of the Society are to promote and expand the knowledge of Warminster and the surrounding villages, and include Its buildings Its trades and occupations Its people Families and individuals
The Society arranges the displays in the Museum and has a programme of meetings for members and visitors.
The Society undertakes research into the history of Warminster and its people.
We have a vast collection of data which is available to those doing their own research into family history. When Society staff undertake research on behalf of people, we appreciate a donation to the funds of the Society.
Our offices within the Library are open from 10am to 1pm on weekdays and are staffed by volunteers.
Membership of the Society costs £10 a year, plus £1 for each meeting attended.

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