If you can add any information to any query listed then please use the reply box below .

  1. I live in London and am researching my family tree. I was wondering if you hold (or know of) any information/documents regarding Caleb Daniel (who was one of the Back Lane Methodist members persecuted in 1773. Also some of his descendents from the Daniell family (becoming two L’s) – John Daniel (1745/6 – 1834), John Daniel (1786), Jeremiah Daniell (1831). This family lived at ‘The Laurels’ in Bread St, Warminster Common and seemed to own quite a bit of land and properties and were trustees to the Methodist Chapel St chapel. Lastly, Charles James Tucker (1853 – 1924) who lived & worked in Portway and had a coachbuilding business, making them for Longleat etc. His business went downhill when his wife Augusta Daniell died in 1910.

    I’m still trying to find out if my Daniell’s are related to William Daniell who ran the chapel in Warminster Common (they were certainly connected).

    I do own copies of The History of Warminster Common and The History of Warminster which have helped as far as Caleb daniel is concerned (or at least part of the persecution). I realise that I’ve asked quite a lot here, but have done so just in the hope that you may know of something even for just one of them or know where else I may find something.

    Thank you for your assistance.
    Patrick Davison

  2. just wondering if you have any information on 26 Bread Street Warminster. According to an early census record, that it was a stable, if so i would like some information on it, like how many horses, who use to use it etc.

    thank you

    Leonie Serle

  3. Roger Mouncher

    I moved to 35 West Street, Warminster in 2002, from my native West Sussex. I understand that the property was owned by a Mr Hill in the early part of the 20th century, trading as WR Hill Grocer. Later it became Povey’s Stores, well remembered by many local folk. I would love to find some photographs of the property from these times and would be most grateful if anyone could kindly help me in my quest please? Thank you in anticipation!

  4. I am trying to trace any information about my grandfather who lived at 22 Portway Warminster in 1870s.He died in Warminster in 1906.His name was Richard Young.
    Census records show him as a Stationmaster..presumably at Warminster but not certain.
    If anyone has any information or connection to the above to further my research I would be most grateful.
    Richard Young. (Leicestershire

    • andrew frostick


      I just spotted your message about your search for Richard Young.

      I can’t help with any details about the Youngs other than to say that I live at 25 Portway, however be aware that the street numbering changed at some point in the 20th Century. My number 25 was originally number 16, (we still have the old numbers over the front door) so by my estimates number 22 would have been nearer to Portway House. Today the even numbers are on the opposite side of the road. It could be that the numbering went from one side of the road to the other before it was standardised to evens on the south side and odds on the north.

      Good luck with the searches.

      Mr Frostick

      • Many thanks for the info.I have a modern day picture of no.22 thinking this was my grandfathers house…now I am not so sure.

    • As a child I lived at No.22 from 1948 to 1953,the current house number is 41…changed about the 1970s.A mid terrace 3 storey building with many apple trees in the garden

      • Many thanks Colin for your reply.So you lived at No. 22 which is now No 41.I have viewed 41 on google street view and am really pleased to have found the place where my grandfather once lived.Must have been rather confusing in the 70s when they changed the numbering..wonder why they did that.Do you have any pictures of interior or the garden?
        Apologies for late reply..only just read it.
        Kind regards
        Richard Young.

      • Sadly no photos of interior or exterior of number 22. I can give you some background info….I lived as I said from 1948 -53in that house,my father rented the property from 1936 even through. WW2. Who owned property is unknown.If you want a chat about it can supply landline number. Colin Dawe

      • Colin,thanks for swift reply.I notice from google street view pic of the property that 2 windows are bricked up and makes me wonder whether the original property was one house.You will see that the window frames are all same style in the centre of the main building.Me thinking the property at sometime was split into two adding another front door next to the original.Wonder if you remember whether it had the same configuration when you lived there.I’m sure you know how to view street view on google..if not let me know and I will steer you.

      • Windows were bricked up when we resided there just over sixty years ago.There was only one front door .The property I think had four bedrooms…sadly my mother would of confirmed this but no longer with us.I was almost 6 when we left so memory limited.

      • Interesting reading.My grandfather died also in that house in 1949 buried in Warminster.Do you know where your grandfather is buried ? I too born 1948. I live about forty miles from Warminster in Romsey,Hants

      • Thanks for that Colin.
        Really appreciate the info and has put at rest the question around where the house was with the numbering issue.So pleased you took the time to reply to my original post.I’m inclined to think now that when my grandfather lived there from 1880 to 1906 the middle part with the same window surrounds was in fact one abode.Making it quite a large house.I guess in those days stationmasters were quite high up on the ladder.Incidently my father was born in the house in 1905,so he never really new his father (my grandfather).
        As I said, grandfather died in the house in 1906 aged 68.My grandmother sold the house and moved to Leicester with 2 very young children to bring up.My father married a Leicester girl,I came into the world in 1948 and have beeb Leicestershire based ever since.
        Do let me know if you come across any more info.My email address is youngspianos@talktalk.net
        Nice thing to have made contact with you.
        Richard Young.

      • My grandfather is buried at Christ Church Warminster (St Denys I think.)One day will visit to see if I can find his grave.

    • Hi I was born in the house you are asking about however the number was 89 and did not become 22 until sometime after march 1965.

      • Some confusion here…yes there was a number change about forty odd years ago.Number 22 became 41. and from what you say 89 became 22.I lived at old number 22 from 1948 to 1953.Best of luck

  5. Elizabeth Ann Furlonger (nee)

    The Curator
    Warminster History Society
    c/o Warminster Library
    Three Horseshoes Walk
    BA12 9BT

    Good morning

    I was corresponding some years ago with someone from the Warminster History Society. My maiden name is Elizabeth Ann Furlonger. Our family came from Warminister.

    I will be visiting the UK in November and would like to visit Warminster and see the restored Old Organ Inn. But thought it best to write to you first to check if this is the case.


    Timothy Furlonger is said to have been an Inn Keeper in Warminster, Wiltshire. In fact we now know that there were three Tim Furlonger’s who were Inn Keepers.
    1. Timothy Furlonger who married Ann was Inn Keeper of the Castle Inn, George St Warminister – our Timothy.
    2. His son , also a Timothy was an Inn Keeeper – we think this was Timothy and Caroline Furlonger
    3. His son, another Timothy Edward was Inn Keeper of the Old Organ Inn, in 1895 and we think he was Timothy and Caroline’s grandson

    We understand that the Old Organ Inn was in existence for many years and was at the lower end of the High Street on the south side of the road. In 1835 the boys of the Common Close School were taught at the rear of the Inn. We also understand that the Old Organ Inn was finally closed in 1913 under an Act of Parliament when many Inns were closed in the country. At the time it had a tenant, a J. Lidbury who was probably related to Caroline Furlonger who was also married to one of the Timothy Furlongers of Warminster. He was paid 70 pounds when the Inn was given a change of use. We understand that just a few years ago it was still standing and was a Fruit and Veg shop and a Fishmongers for many years and in 2003 was up for sale. The Timothy Furlonger from the Old Organ Inn, married a Caroline Lidbury and we understand Lidbury is still a well known name in the area. Caroline ran a dressmaking business in George St, Warminster and is listed in 1852 and 1880 but not after that date.

    Timothy (1) and Ann had several children. Eliza Ann Furlonger married William Curtis, and we believe the Curtis family are still living in the Bristol/Warminster area today. Nothing is known of the second child and Sarah married a William Chinn who may have been a brother or cousin of Elizabeth Chinn. Their son John Hill married Elizabeth Chinn of Bristol. All their children were baptised at the one time in the Charterhouse, Finsbury, London before the family emigrated to Australia. The Charterhouse was situated almost opposite Hatfield Street, where the family resided. John and Elizabeth had six children: Louisa, Julia, Emily, Mary, Maria, and John Henry. John Henry was born in London where his father had an undertaking business. Another child, Frederick Ambrose was born in Australia and died as a child, leaving my GG Grandfather John Henry William Furlonger to carry on the family name.

    In summary, my name is Elizabeth Ann Furlonger. I am descended from John and Elizabeth Furlonger who travellled to Australia. John was born in Warminster and Elizabeth in Bristol. John was the son of Timothy Furlonger. My GGG Grandfather is John Hill Furlonger. (I get quite confused by the number of Greats). He and his wife Elizabeth had a son John Henry Furlonger and this is my GG Grandfather.

    When I was corresponding with a member of your Society a few years ago, she sent me a video recording of a news item about the restoration of the Old Organ Inn. She also asked me for a copy of the family stories I had just collected into a little book (Furlonger/Thurbon Family history). I am not sure if I sent a book or a CD to your society.

    I would love to visit Warminster when I am in the UK in November and visit the hopefully ‘restored to original condition’, Old Organ Inn and perhaps even meet some of the people from your History Society.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards from Australia

    Elizabeth Ann Furlonger
    (I married Peter Thurbon, who passed away in 2003)
    113 Walker Crescent

  6. Elizabeth Thurbon (nee Furlonger)

    Good morning Warminister
    I was so grateful for the help of the Warminster historical society in relation to research on the Furlonger family. They were able to tell me that the Old Organ Inn was run by my Great Uncle rather than my Great Grandfather. They took me on a walk to show me where all the Furlonger’s had lived in Warminister, including the seamstress Caroline Furlonger who put in a bay window, illegally, in the main street in a building now occupied by a solicitor. But most exciting of all they were able to tell me the history of my Great G Grandfather in Warminister and led me back to the Weymouth Arms, where my Grandfather had run a fruit and veg shop in what is now a restaurant. The new owners of the Weymouth Arms are apparently doing the history of the Weymouth Arms and I would be most interested to see the results of their research. Kind regards. Elizabeth Thurbon (nee Furlonger)of Canberra, Australia.

  7. Thankyou for your reply Colin but I think we maybe talking about two different houses,I have since found out that the house you are researching is now number 41 and the house I was born in is still number 22 although it was number 89 until 1966, it is further down the road towards town on the opposite side of the road, sorry for any confusion.

  8. Thanks for you interest Susan,I was the original creator of this thread.Think its all clear now.

  9. I was shown an old photograph of F.Futcher, Photographer, of High Street, War minster,by the current owner of the premises,’Le Cafe Journal’
    I was wondering if this was connected to Futchers Photographers of Fisherton Street, Salisbury, which only closed a few years ago.
    Can anyone please enlighten me?
    Alan over ton

    • Warminster History

      Hello Alan, according to the book Warminster in the 20th Century listed elsewhere on this site , Frederick Futcher ( photographer ) had those premise as long ago as 1898 and in 1998 it was Gibsons a chemist shop. I cannot say whether they are connected to your one in Salisbury.

  10. Thanks for the information on Futcher’s.
    My father worked for Futcher’s photographers in Salisbury before the second world war, so I wondered if the two firms may have been owned by the same family.
    It seems a bit of a coincidence!

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